Sunday, September 13, 2009

Green Race Season... here we go again.

Well, here we are again. As of today, there are 54 days until the annual Green River Narrows Race. I'm super stoked about bombing down that river once again this year, and the word is that we're going to have upwards of 150 competitors out there from all over the world. Just writing about this event raises my heart rate, and I hope everyone is working hard to get themselves ready for it.

I am a bit limited on my training time due to a 17 hour final semester of school at UNCA, but I'm trying to set myself up well as always. I'm working with Crossfit Asheville until the Green Race to try to get my fitness where it needs to be. They're super cool people, and have helped me out tremendously already.

Here are a few pics of my first run down the Green with the big boat this fall:
**Photos by Jakob Kafer**

The ultimate race weapon...

Taylor Fearrington bombing through Frankenstein.

Damn it feels good to be back.


Fast and clean. November 7, 2009.



Shanna said...

Thanks for the support Chris! You're gonna rock it!

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