Saturday, September 12, 2009

Downhill Racing...

So I've been getting more and more into DH mtn biking over the past year, and this fall I've been able to get out to a number of sick races. First up was the Dirty Bird race out at Hawks Nest resort. The course was extremely challenging with a bunch of off-camber roots in there, and it poured rain before the race, making it a total cluster@#$k. Paul Stamilio saw me take a ridiculous high speed crash the day before where I got clothes-lined by a tree, but I was able to get my mind straight for the race. I had a good run down through the course, but hit the gap near the bottom with too much speed and slid off the course and down the hill. I pushed my shit all the way back up the hill and got back on my bike, but my run was over. I ended up around 20th in the Amateurs out of 35 or so. Oh well.

The next weekend was the ETSU collegiate race. That weekend went way better. My little brother and I got some good practice in and both of us laid it down on the course and had good times. I got 1st in the Men's B division, and would have ended up around 14th or so in A. Nick won Men's C, and would have gotten 3rd in B. Here are a couple of pics of us:

Nick ripping the last drop off.

Credit: Ashley Woodring

Same drop.

Credit: Ashley Woodring

Me on the gnarly rock section right above the finish line.

Credit: Ashley Woodring

The next weekend was the race out at Beech Mountain in Banner Elk. This is my favourite race course that I've ridden. I was super stoked to get back out there, but unfortunately I had some equipment failure. I was basically having the run of my life on my bike(with a headcam on), and dropped my chain about 2/3 of the way down the track, and couldn't hit the big stepdown at the bottom. I coasted it out and dropped a couple of choice words at the finish line... words like "gosh" and "darn."

Bryan Harris killing it out there.

Myself hitting the bottom stepdown.

And coming up a bit short!! This is why I love having 8 inches of travel.

And that's all I've got for now in the biking front, look forward to seeing everyone at the ASU and Brevard collegiate races, and then the Paris Mtn race in Greenville SC.


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