Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Riot Prototypes...

Hey Everyone,

It is my esteemed pleasure to introduce you big folks to a pair of kayaks that are going to make you very very happy.

We've been testing prototypes for the big Magnum and big Thunder here in the Southeast, and although I have only limited experience in the Thunder, the big Magnum is quite honestly my dream boat... the best creekboat I have ever paddled. I've been able to get it out on the Green for a number of 100% and 200% runs, and a recent high-water Raven's Fork run, and the 6 extra inches and 5+ extra gallons make this thing more confidence-inspiring than I could have imagined!

More info coming soon, but here's a couple pics from a recent 250% run on the Green to get you started...

Spence styling the burly Go Left and Die line in the big Thunder.

Me dropping into the Gorilla.

Rolling off the pad and preparing to get crushed by the veil!

Spence dropping into the river right slot below Sunshine.

This thing is going to swallow overnighter gear for breakfast!

Check back to the Riot Blog next week for the full scoop...

Good lines.
Chris Gragtmans

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